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A film production company often needs translation or interpreting services.

Filming in Germany, Austria or Hungary! Need some DE, EN and HU?

Your movie might have scenes that take place in an exotic rainforest, in which case, we can't help you. Unless it involves Germans, Hungarians and/or Austrians crashing through the undergrowth and using accurate expletives. However, if your movie’s plot is set in a landlocked country bisected by the Danube River, you have Dracula in mind, or you have a hankering for organized Vespa-tootling, Gothic clenching - we're your broads abroad.

An on-set translator will prove to be indispensable in cases like these, we can converse with your director and your cast and crew in the above-specified languages. The interpreter’s role is to facilitate communication between individuals representing two different languages and cultures. In the absence of an interpreter, the intentions of the casting director, director and author cannot be sufficiently communicated and understood. Our linguists are experts in their fields and can assist you with language-related filming, post-production, editing, and more.


We offer a range of language services for film and TV production in DE, EN and HU:


Translating for films is difficult work and needs to be done well. How often have you become distracted by bad, inaccurate subtitling or translation? He didn't say that! That's not what it means! Mistranslations skew the film content irreparably and show a disrespect for the language being used, as well as incorrect assumptions about the audience. Even simple conversations should satisfy the target language’s colloquialisms and terms that are standard in the industry.

Subtitles must conform to limitations of space and time, and there is a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed to give viewers the time to read them.

At the same time, the subtitles must likewise be in sync with sound and picture seen on screen. Equally, the texts to be used when dubbing must be of the same length as the original. This task requires skill and experience and the translator's job requires her to convey the meaning effectively in a limited number of words.

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